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The Man with More

I'm a victim of crime for the second time,
I'm lost for words,
Which is hard for a poet of rhymes,
And comical verse.

But there's too much at stake in my head,
To stand back and put it to bed,
And when every swearword
known to mankind has been said,
There's still no letting go mindfully,
Lost in rage and shame,
I will fight back all the same,
A Tarantino revenge soliloquy.
About how it's not funny,
Its not even the money,
It's something more troubling than that,
Its being outwitted,
Stitched up and fitted,
By a greasy nocturnal street rat,

With a car breaking bent,
A sense of entitlement,
Sticking it up me without consent,
Then creeping back spent,
To his dark habitat.

Where he sleeps and he schemes throughout the day,
A peevish injustice eats him away,
He thinks 'others owe me so tough',
But being Robin Hood isn't enough
Curing his envy with others stuff,
It won't get better that way.

So yes I'm your new acquisition,
Touched by your righteous mission,
Left with victim mentality,
But I'll make you a curse,
I'll commit you to verse,
As the man with more Sat Nav's than me.