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The Large Hadron Collider

Tonight's the game changer,
Tonight's the decider,
The Large Hadron Collider,
I'm twitchy, hot and bothered,
This is the most important thing,
Since the microwave was discovered,
For a physicist,
It doesn't get much smaller than this,
Answers to questions that persist, like,
Where did we come from,
Where do we go,
What was before time,
Tonight we might know.

It's been on my mind since 'Space 1999',
Pictures on my bedroom wall,
Waiting for a shift of paradigm,
I'm a Big Bang know it all,
On your marks, when they spin,
The quarks and protons round,
Will you hear a pin drop,
Or will it make an eerie sound,
On this night we could find out,
Where the universe is bound.

That's enough theoretical chatter,
Let's get down to the dark matter,
Particles accelerate,
Lets get it on before it's too late,
Reveal the Higgs Boson,
Collisions super- positions,
At the speed of light,
Will science finally tell us,
What God's face looks like.

The day after the night before,
How was it for you ?
The scientists on the floor review,
Banks of data to try to prove,
Whether it was premature or,
Did the earth really move,
And give us a reply,
To the question of our puzzle,
The secular epistemic struggle,
Of what happens before we die.
Days on and doubt remains,
The universe retains,
It's quantum mystery,
Will it take a century,
A day or just a week,
To search out our humanity,
Playing tiny hide and seek.

The latest news update,
Says the meaning of our fate,
It's not disguised in particles,
Or found in scientific articles,
Ask the poets or my mother,
For one essential law,
Taking care of each other,
Is what the universe is for.