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Overdue (For Auntie Ethel)

One old lady's send off,
The inconsequential end of,
A long and lived life,
The eldest daughter,
A lover of dancing,
A seamstress,
A mother,
A wife.

Friends, family loved ones,
Not there to mourn her,
Inconsequentially sent off,
In the spread of years before her.

At All Saints there's spaces,
Amongst the unused pews,
A framed picture of he face,
Grins toothless back,
As we troupe in two by two.

To the place she was married,
In her handmade wedding dress,
Now on strangers shoulders carried,
The taste of dampness,
Takes our breath.

When 'Dancing Queen' subsides,
The little congregation averts its eyes,
From looking at each other,
'At least she didn't suffer'
'She wanted to go mind'
To catch the husband and seven brothers,
Who'd gone and left her behind.

When her life is said and done,
She was ashamed to be hanging on,
Impatient to be gone,
So don't keep her any longer,
The bible reading and eulogy squander,
Summarise her century,
With four verses of Abide with Me,
A overdue death in the making,
Let's not keep those brothers waiting.