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There's nothing new or revelatory in the poetry I like and try to write because poetry for me is about drawing attention to what's already here. The everyday experiencing of our lives from the fulcrum of the present viewing the past and future and holding a mirror to the the ironies and contradictions that we find there is the work of my poetry.

I didn't think I'd write another volume of poetry and my urgency to scribble down ideas and work them into something I like seems to have settled. That said despite my attempts at retirement I've been pushed back into the process by unseen forces that have reignited my enthusiasm. Whilst there are fewer poems in this volume they are amongst my favourites, perhaps because I hadn't anticipated them coming. So instead of retirement I will say for now it's more like a change of pace and have left volume three open as such and will add new ones should they force their way through.

My chief ambition as ever is that the poems in this volume finds an emotional relevance in those who give me their time to read them.