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Chocolate Valentine
(2014 recipe)

To the face I once met,
Should I just forget,
And has she already forgot,
She loves me ?

She loves me not ?

Should I go back now,
And ask her for a date,
Or give it more thought, wait,
Bide my time,
Compose a love poem,
Of hypnotic rhyme,
With subliminal suggestibility,
To make her think fondly of me,
To make her heart skip a beat,
And be keen to want to meet,
At a local venue,
A diner menu,
Sharing something sweet.

What shall It be ?

I should stay home and leave it be,
Hold fast against my biology,
Lie down and listen to Morrissey,
Sign up for therapy,
To ease the indignity,
Of rejection in her vicinity,
Take responsibility... I try !

Let's just see ?

I sigh ! ... decidedly,
This can only go one way,
With the added potential of
tooth decay,
Perhaps another day, I can,
Non, je ne regrette rein,
Gataeu au chocolait.

But my team of inner critics say,
I'm wasting life, It's all talking,
There's no guarantee,
I'm coming back as Chris Walken,
There's no 'praise be',
No special prayer,
For showing fortitude ,
In the face of quiet despair,
That gently whispers,
'You won't always care' and,
'She won't always have,
enchanting teeth and hair '

What shall it be ?

So, to the face I once met,
Who I still can't forget,
Could you be made to aid and abet,
My plan for a sickly sweet duet,
A slice of this present moment take,
Reckless to the fact that hearts do break,
Just you, me and maybe forever,
Over a slice of chocolate cake.