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A Moment in Time

The force of gravitation
In our relative situation,
Requires a solution,
Intergenerational time dilution,
Each year of yours is three of mine,
Relative that is to our remaining time,
Should I leave something deep and meaningful behind ?

Get planning before I'm gone,
A time capsule so I live on,
Pictures, poems a handwritten note,
Let my stream of consciousness float,
Vital things that meant something once,
Instructions for a Seance,
Is anybody there ? .... No !

I'm going grey thinking,
Of things you might need to know,
To keep you out of harms way,
Questions you can't yet say,
Like what's it all about,
Essential lessons not to be without,
Advice on ice for when it gets hard,
A shortcut to counter doubt,
A get out of jail free card
Guiding sentiments,
Things I found funny,
Where your mother's put the money.

Just give me time, I need more time,
For things I haven't yet worked out,
To be an Einstein through rhyme,
And the laws of science flout,
And create an anti- dote in verse,
To persuade the misbehaving universe,
To warp and weave spacetime,
To change the die that physics' cast,
And next time I'll make the moment last.