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The poems in my second volume cover most of 2012 and the start of 2013. You may be able to tell by the allusions to world events as well as my own preoccupations which have been colourfully variegated but continue to dwell upon the domestic and time passing. Since writing Volume One I've been pleasantly surprised to have had opportunity to talk about those poems to a few people here and there who have shared their thoughts and comments and I've even been able to fend some questions about them too. For this I've been gratified by people's interest and respect.

I've tried to keep the spirit of spontaneity that I talked about in Volume One for my new poems despite at times wanting to get things off my chest through poetry, but it's not really worked, well at least not in the way I'd hoped. Hence I've had to let go, trust in the process and swap the idea of strategic control for curious oversight.

Finally I'm thankful to everyone around me who's patience and good nature has allowed me plenty of rope but hopefully not quite enough to have done any lasting damage.