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Office Valentines are three,
I walk in eagerly,
I don't know how to be,
Tongue- tied, cross- eyed,
Can't decide which one I want to see,
And yet my heart feels itself rejoice,
And looking round I'm spoilt for choice,
You are all ......so .......lovely,

Which one of you,
Gives a care,
To run typist fingers through my hair,
Please forgive my three- way stare,
We would make the perfect pair,
(With two more on the side to spare).

Is that fair ?... No ! ..but I can't bear,
To choose, it would be loose loose,
So let's make shocking news,
A four way tangle,
The worlds first Valentine quadrangle,
Is it a crime hysterical ?
To want three Valentines clerical.

My wish would be,
For you three,
To be head over stationery,
In love with me,
We could put it in your PDP,
If needs be, a office based trilogy,
Mon amour times three.

I need to save three pairs of pouting lips,
From the drudge of office paper clips,
And charts that flip, and bits of Sellotape,
It's scary but I can't wait,
Nothing's wrong with love at stake,
Think of the sweet music we all could make,
Fighting for air in the back of my Volvo Estate.

So lets run far far away,
For at least a week and a day,
To get some time on our owns,
But the Office Manager would never believe,
The amount of annual leave,
And besides who'd be left to answer the phones.