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No more swearing,
More giving and caring,
Let's not keep too much of Me,
Donate more to charity,
Mend that sticking door,
Keep the friends I made,
Visit my Auntie Ethel more,
Be thankful for what I'm paid,
Take the dog an extra walk,
Pick the phone up and talk,
Be more polite, get to bed earlier at night,
And wake up on the right, side of the bed,
Waste less time in my head,
Thinking of the past,
Drive less fast,
Regret more,
Make each moment last,
Respect the law,
Love my Mother even more,
Go to night- school to learn what my life is really for,
Be keen, eat more things green,
Climb more hills, take vitamin pills
And chase dreams on speeding treadmills,
To get fitter and become less bitter,
'Friend' the Dalai Lama or follow him on Twitter,
Stop the sexual fantasies about the teenage babysitter,
Meditate on the breath,
Embrace the thought of death,
Learn to live with a little less
And let it all just be.
Self help piety,
But don't keep too much of Me,
Do more of what I'm told,
Be more self controlled,
Face my fears of growing old,
Should I wear my trousers rolled,
Shirt tucked neatly in, or uncontrolled,
Flapping at my knee,
Plant a tree,
Write less poetry,
But don't keep too much of Me.