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Patient X 223

Patient X223 she's a fan of me,

'Dr Ganley',

'I've read all your poetry',


She's sometimes kept,

Under lock and key,

By agents of Psychiatry.


Patient X223 is being fed,

'Dolly Mixtures',

To calm her shaven head,

Her thoughts Sectionable,

A thousand ideas injectable,

And the Vatican want her dead.


Patient X223 on a treatment order,

For a persecutory disorder,

The neighbours job is to record her,

Her landlord's a prison warder,

She hears it all through her floor,

She couldn't take it any more,

On the border,

Of 'One Flew Over ..' and '1984'.


The Head Psychiatrist report,

Prescribes a trip to the last resort,

Although it's a mystery,

How 240 volts of electricity,

Can change the News Broadcast,

Of her catastrophic past,

To a kinder autobiography.


Patient X223 with poetic anonymity,

I'm a fan of you,

How you are,

And what you've been through,

Life has been too hard,

Try letting down your guard,

Believe in coincidence ...... Just,

Give up vigilance,

And learn to trust.