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The girl of my dreams,

Wasn't the one it seems,

Instead caught unaware,

Becoming special beyond compare,

It's more than a man can bear,


It's rude to stare !

Final touches to your hair,

Makes a cloud of spray,

That chokes my breath away,

I'm struggling to convey,

Things I never thought I'd say,

Like let's be together,

Forever, or at least just today,

I'm bemused, confused,

Does it have to be this way ?

It's going to turn my father,

Another 50 shades of grey !


I want to be your closest mate,

If we go out would it be called a date,

I'm trying fight this awkward,

In between state,

I'm feeling self discrimination,

At my own delayed reorientation,

What's this thing about,

I'm looking in new closet doors,

And yet it's called 'coming out'.


I need to get a secret plan,

If I can, you see,

I don't want a different life,

I've just fallen for another man,

Queer ?

Straight ?

Bent ?

This is my gay lament.