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Chocolate valentine

To the face I've just met,
Should I just forget,
And has she already forgot,
She loves me she loves me not ?

Should I turn back now,
And ask her for a date,
Or come back later, wait
Bide my time,
Compose a love poem,
With hypnotic rhyme ,
Full of subliminal suggestibility,
To make her think fondly of me,
To make her heart skip a beat,
And be keen to want to meet,
At the local multiplex,
With a box of quality street.

Be ?

I should go home and leave it be,
Find some mental tranquility,
Lie down and listen to Morrissey,
Or watch the adverts on QVC,
And wonder natures mystery,
Of why new blossom in the trees,
Anticipated through winters freeze,
Is then blown away by the cold spring breeze,
Like water spilling through our fingers,
How come life's beauty never lingers ?

be ?

So at last to the face I've just met,
Who I find I can't forget,
Could you be made to aid and abet,
My plan for a sickly sweet duet.

Love and live with haste,
We have precious little time to waste,
We don't get a second helping of this place,
So whilst we have this brief time,
Take this poem with its clumsy rhyme,
A lyrical crime meant to impress,
And an urgent offer to confess,
Over coffee,
two spoons,
And a chocolate mess.