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A Life in Lieu

A few days off the hamster wheel,

Competition to reacquaint,

Make that special family meal,

With the wife, the rest of life,

To clean, mend or paint,

Visit the in- laws if you're a saint,


The park, the tip, cut your hair,

The pictures, pub, or arm chair,

Catch up with the extra marital affair,

And just in case you make a space,

Between the pissed- up BBQ,

And your restless pillowcase,

Then visit your father's resting place,

And leave behind a single tear,

From your forced bank holiday smiley face,

Thats all the time you can afford to waste.

Now back to the busy weekend haste,

Is this the time and is this the place ?

To keep up with the chase,

Of the day- off, a life in lieu.

A romantic ready- meal for two,

With wine for her and Iron Bru for you,

Making love and making do,

The traffic, shopping, ice cream queue,

Full of people like me and you ,

There really is so much to do,

On the bank holiday life in lieu ..