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The Marriot Gym

I go to the Marriot Gym, It’s in, the place to keep trim,
The staff are pleasant tanned and almost slim,
It’s highly recommended by sportsmen, now suspended,
For drug abuse, there’s no excuse,
For muscle busting steroid use.
I go every day to sweat, strain and prey,
That using protein bars and anabolic whey,
Amino acid body rub, post workout exfoliating scrub,
Will make me a prime example of the human race,
No more sand getting kicked in my face,
but twelve months down the line,
I’m still nowhere near my prime,
Why am I not awesome and rippling,
full of muscles, body bristling, with hi-carb energy,
Instead I’m nine stone three, or wet through 60 KG,
What’s become of me !
On the reinforced steel scale, looking a whiter shade of pale,
My scrawny, pigeon- chested crate, moves the dials all the way to,
......Un.......der .....weight.......
Shall I double up on body rub, eat five times more egg whites,
Do lots of squats, eat pork chops,
And switch my brand to Marlborough Lights,
Nothing could be more insaner, I need a bulking up no brainer,
And then walks in a smiling hulk it’s the Marriot Personal Trainer.