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The Anxious Therapist

Now my day at work is quite complete,
Spent much of it with itchy feet, racing heart and sweaty palms,
The books tell me it can’t harm,
At end of session one I ask the client his day to come,
‘defrost the fridge and drink some tea’
I think maybe all is well with me !
But furrowed brow and thoughts that choke,
No surprise I need a smoke,
Session two.. don’t know what I do,
But offer a few words of calm, surely that can do no harm,
But is it CBT and expert led, or stuff from topmost of my head,
The rest of day is just a blur, punctuated by thoughts that stir,
And sad faces that recur, have I not cured him or her,
And what’s my life spent sitting here,
Who around me gives a care, I pack up bags and get out of there,
And in the car I grit my teeth, hoping for some mild relief,
Gym and swim, tea and potions,
I’m only going through the motions, of a life that just can’t be,
And I do prey inwardly,
And that is how it is for me.