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Taxi Mark

Taxi Mark or Mark the cabbie,
Either nickname makes him happy,
He understands this seaside land,
Like the back of his clenched hand, gripped tight upon the steering wheel,
It’s been all day since he had a meal,
Driving non- stop past rows of empty shops,
Looking for the place to drop,
The drunken fool, slurring insults cruel,
Welcome to Blackpool....

At last it’s found ‘The Hare and Hound’,
The drunk falling to the ground, screams you went the long way round,
Stick you’re fucking fair, as he fights the air,
I’ll leave him there, thinks Taxi Mark,
And finding a quiet place to park, cleans the back seat,
It smells of vomit and sweaty feet,
And then back to face the streets, cold stark and without care,
Taxi Mark see’s another fare,
Take me here, take me there, illuminated by the incandescent glare,
Of this seaside town of pissed misrule,
Welcome to Blackpool...