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Julie Up The Duff

Julie up the duff,

Found a bloke drunk enough,

No time to hesitate,

She just had to find a mate,

With whom to procreate,

And reaching for a condom in his drunken state,

She moaned out ‘W a i t',

'Let’s just copulate'

'I want your inseminate !'

But before it was too late,

Their passion in full spate,

He held back his ejaculate,

Long enough to quip,

‘Ive had the fucking snip’,

He gave her love and thanks,

And then discharged his blanks,

So Julie up the duff,

Didn’t get enough,

Of the baby making stuff,

Unresolved to her fate

She plans another date

But decides she can't wait,

Julie up the duff, no time to hesitate ...