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Ice Maiden

My toes are so cold they feel like stone,
And my heart tonight feels so alone,
Looking at winter stars above,
Thinking of her, my one true love,
While I'm shivering here at 4 below,
Its great weather for an Eskimo,
And getting her midnight text 'hello',
Ignites my passion all aglow,
How I remember us kissing on my pillow,
Cosy warm in each other’s arms just so,
And I'm lost in this scene, frozen stood in this snow,
But it's only a dream of our time long ago,
To occupy me on this cold winter night,
Or is it a plan yet to scheme, our love to redeem,
Keeping fires alight in my heart and my head,
So just for tonight, I'll imagine she said,
You're the love of my life,
Please take me to bed.