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Hotel Hopeless

I’ve come to stay where the landscapes grey at the Hotel Hopeless,
I gave a list of symptoms to the check in clerk,
‘We’ve been expecting you’ was her quiet remark,
Requiem muzak played for me,
‘That’ll be bed, no breakfast, lunch or tea’
‘You’re in the basement suite’ ‘le melancholie’
She paused in time for me to ask, is that with complimentary shroud and death mask,
Yes !.. pallid guests shuffled by, and then the porter caught my eye,
He gestured down the stair, he had an undertaker’s air,
‘I’m sorry to intrude on your shame, but it’s time to go all the same’,
He walked ahead and doffed his hat, at the room I tipped him three Prozac,
He gave a nod and shut the door, I let my bag fall to the floor,
The room was whitewashed cold but clean, through the window a graveyard scene,
And in the room a single beam, that held a tidy hangman’s noose,
A note upon the chair read,...’ clean after use’,
I freshened up my sallow face, and into bed,