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Holiday 2 - Dear Mum

...I’m writing this postcard quite low,
For the last few days I’ve seen more water than Jacques Caustau,
I’m missing our Sunday teas, a life of ease, the BBC’s and flushing WC’s,
It’s a quaint resort mind, they're one hour and two hundred years behind,
The hotel is quite sedate,
A Rooftop terrace, tiles and slate,
Hanging gardens all ornate,
Sunken bath, marbled grate,
Beams and shutters nothings straight,
They reckon it was built way back in 1988.

The local market’s open every day,
But it’s hard to tell just what they say,
There's rolls of carpet but no underlay,
Strange fish and pungent spices,
Funny looking fruit and veg, you haggle over prices,
They’ve got authentic breads brought from afar,
It reminds me of our local spar,