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Gelatino, marguerites, afternoon siesta
Reading yesterdays newspapers, in the baking hot piatsa,
Two hours and a world away from the troubles that await ya,
Club 18- 30 (something !) and the reps getting flirty,
What’s that funny ham for breakfast and both your rooms stay dirty,
Allicante all inclusive, half built hotel all exclusive,
Sea view by the bay, wished we’d stayed away,
And lying on your bed, on a rock in the Med,
Thinking of the things you should have said,
To the voice in your head,
That beckoned you away,
From where you’d said you’d stay,
And now with two days gone, your preying for less sun,
Peeling skin won’t pull, that chatty waiter from Maghull,
Five more days and then we’re free,
Flying back, hopes dashed,
But at last