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Me and my wife have made a plan, to buy a brand new caravan,
Who needs a tan !
We’re trading in those package deals, airport meals, unappealing long hauls far afield,
For a house built on sturdy wheels,
To take our time, and find green fields,
The Lakes, The Dales,
We’ll plot a course and follow trails,
We could even travel to the North of Wales,
Avoiding queues and at the site enjoy the views,
We’ll spend our days with nothing to do, have barbecues and use the portaloo’s,
And later on the entertainment suite, has a pool table and a place to eat,
We’ll talk and dine, we’ll take our time, and drink real ale in the local pub,
Subsidised by the Caravan Club.

So wake up you slugabeds, stop your yawning,
I can see a new day dawning, stranding proud beneath my awning,
A time when all men are free to roam, in a caravan or mobile home.
This life is a journey day by day, don’t wait until you’re old and grey,
To take the time to get away,
So pack your van without delay, send off the subs to the AA.

And now at last the wait is over, you’ve hooked it up, to the Rover,
Full steam ahead don’t pull over,
Travelling down the Motorway, a steady 40 all the way,
Goodbye England I’ve made my plan,
Destination ?
The Isle of Man.