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Between the Lines

I'm in a state, it's crept up on me of late,
My fate seems hazy, it’s no use I can't see straight, or concentrate,
Both my eyes will not collaborate, maybe I'm going crazy,
The carrots are blurred on my dinner plate, at the pub I chat to someone else’s mate,
The toilet seat's a figure eight, my eyes are lazy and refuse to participate,
Will my sense of smell compensate !..
The squinted printed word looks all absurd,
I can't make the letters out, they jump & dance about,
It’s no better when I'm out, my eyes just take in doubt,
I'm straining behind the wheel, driving by touch & feel,
Listening for others tyres to squeal, whilst passengers prey they see their next meal,
Anyway it's no big deal it’s fine, that’s why they have that squiggly painted line,
In the middle of the road, who needs road signs scribbled in tiny code,
But what am I to do, give up listening to pay -for- view,
Change my surname to Magoo,
Look let’s face it I'm long overdue, for a speck check.....’Take a pew’,
The optic doctor says, 'What's to do', you tell me, I can’t see how this has come to be,
Am I unique ?, Is my future bleak? , I can hide but I can't seek,
I’ve got a paddle but I can't find the creek, ‘I see' he says without a hint of irony,
It's time you had a rest we'll put you through a test,
Turn off the lights don't make a sound,
Can you tell this figure from the ground, now look up but don't look down,
I squint, I frown,
Is it blue or is it brown?, facing up or facing down ?
Now can you read the top line and is it getting clearer, ‘no’ I say,
‘Can I open both my eyes or move my chair a little nearer !’
‘..Hmmmm’ the optic doctor reviews the clues and delivers his views,
' Your visual dystopia, your blinkered prison, is a case of myopia with astigmatism'
‘But there's good news and more, your two eyes can be given the power of four’
‘ That should do the trick without the need of a Labrador or a special stick’,
Fantastic !
He show's me the door...
I'm amazed, forget the looks, I'm double glazed, no need for large print books,
The world is back and its clear and bright, I no longer dream in black white,
I've just seen my mum and I got a fright, but it's alright ,
I'm contented the glasses are rose tinted !