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Auld Langs Syne

Say farewell to the year that's gone, time and tide wait for no one,
And on this last night of easy fun,
In a quiet moment we might succumb,
To thoughts and memories of what we've seen and done,
And reflect upon the year's discarded time, now far behind,
A life too busy to remind,
Ourselves of our regrets and fears, and people lost to other years,
On this last night they might appear,
Amongst the smiles and the cheer,
Their ageless part again to play to stir our hearts as if to say,
‘We've never really been away !’
And then they go, an unbidden cameo,
And despite the nights rosy alcoholic glow,
They steal the show,
But we already know that that future plans don't last,
They soon become the past, for our ever diminishing cast,
And yet this nights attraction,
Of beer stained hope and blind distraction
Provides for now a brief solution,
So take a cup, sing your songs and make your resolution ...